Opening a final block of tickets to the 2021 Festival

We are pleased to announce that at 5pm, on August 4th, 2021, we will be opening the final block of tickets for the 2021 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival!

It is clear that everyone is super excited to be at a festival this year and we have so many returning and new festival friends joining us for 2021!

With the combination of rolled over tickets from 2020 and extremely high (yet controlled) advanced sales, 2021 is turning out splendid!  However, as many of you are aware, adding to this an unfortunate change in trends re: the Delta Variant and the recent COVID Surge, we made the decision last week to close sales temporarily while we took some time to assess the situation further.

After looking at trends, and our current and historical numbers, we have made the decision to open one final block of tickets for this years festival.  Because of this, at this time we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer at gate ticket sales.  We will be assessing gate sales and individual day ticket sales on an on-going basis, but again we DO NOT guarantee we will open any additional sales.  We have never had to turn folks away at the gate, but it looks like this may be the year!

In the interest of everyone’s health and enjoyment, when the current block is exhausted, we will be closing sales for this season. This new block will open to the Public at 5:00 PM ET, Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

And important thing to note: we are not currently under any mandated capacity restrictions, and as a fully outdoor event, at this time, we intend to be at full capacity.  The reason for limiting sales is to ensure we are not OVER-capacity.  While we can not disclose exact numbers, we can say that we are aiming to not exceed any previous attendances, and leave plenty of room for our Bluegrass Family to breath.

We will ask everyone coming to the event to seriously consider being vaccinated prior to arrival, to respect the comfort levels of all individuals at the event in terms of personal space, masking, and to please stay home if you are experiencing ANY symptoms or feel you may have had exposure to someone with COVID-19.  We ask for your patience and kindness with each other, our staff, and volunteers.

We know you have heard this over and over again in the past two years, but these are unchartered territories and we are doing our best to navigate through them.  All that we ask for is your support.

Upgrades and Early Bird Camping

Please note, weekend ticket holders will still be able to add Early Bird Camping, and upgrade tickets from 2 or 3 day to 4 day at the gate as usual.  Also, children under 12 still do not need a ticket, we have taken that into consideration already.

Electric sites are currently on an extended wait-list.  You may ask to be placed on the wait-list, however we can no guarantee any additional electric at this time.

Finally, if we have been taught anything this past year, it’s that things can change faster than a Rob McCoury Banjo Lick- and while there are not any at this time, we will need to follow any state mandates that are put in place at the time of the event. Please Follow us on Facebook, or join our Mailing List for updates as they occur.

Stay healthy and hopeful and we will see you here soon!