2019 Tickets

4-Day Adult

Before 4/1$ 155
Before 8/1$ 160
At The Gate$ 165

3-Day Adult

Before 4/1$ 140
Before 8/1$ 145
At The Gate$ 150

2-Day Adult

Before 8/1$ 125
At The Gate$ 130

Multi-Day Teen Tickets are
1/2 the Adult Ticket Price

Single-Day Tickets

Before 8/1Day Of
Thursday$ 30$ 35
Friday $ 55$ 60
Saturday $ 55$ 60
Sunday $ 55$ 60

Overnight Camping

Camping Included!!
for 2, 3 and 4-Day Ticket Holders

“Early Bird Camping”
8/24 to 8/28 ~ $25 per night

Electric available with reservation only.

Price Qty
4-Day Adultshow details +$145.00 (USD)*  Expired
4-Day Adultshow details +$150.00 (USD)*  Expired
4-Day Adultshow details +$155.00 (USD)*  Expired
4-Day Adultshow details +$160.00 (USD)*  Expired
4-Day Adultshow details +$165.00 (USD)*  
3-Day Adultshow details +$130.00 (USD)*  Expired
3-Day Adultshow details +$135.00 (USD)*  Expired
3-Day Adultshow details +$140.00 (USD)*  Expired
3-Day Adultshow details +$145.00 (USD)*  Expired
3-Day Adultshow details +$150.00 (USD)*  
2-Day Adultshow details +$130.00 (USD)*  Expired
2-Day Adultshow details +$130.00 (USD)*  
4-Day Teenshow details +$80.00 (USD)*  
3-Day Teenshow details +$72.50 (USD)*  
2-Day Teenshow details +$65.00 (USD)*  
Pet | Festival Friendshow details +$25.00 (USD)*  
Electric & Camping Package (SUN, 8/25 Arrival)show details +$180.00 (USD)*  Expired
Electric & Camping Package (SAT, 8/24 Arrival)show details +$215.00 (USD)*  Expired
Electric WAIT-LISTshow details +$0.00 (USD)  Expired
1-Day of Early Bird Camping (WED, 8/28 Arrival)show details +$25.00 (USD)*  
2-Days of Early Bird Camping (TUE, 8/27 Arrival)show details +$50.00 (USD)*  
3-Days of Early Bird Camping (MON, 8/26 Arrival)show details +$75.00 (USD)*  
4-Days of Early Bird Camping (SUN, 8/25 Arrival)show details +$100.00 (USD)*  
5-Days of Early Bird Camping (SAT, 8/24 Arrival)show details +$125.00 (USD)  
Thursday (Single Day)show details +$30.00 (USD)  Expired
Friday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  Expired
Saturday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  Expired
Sunday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  Expired
Thursday (Single Day)show details +$35.00 (USD)  
Friday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  
Saturday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  
Sunday (Single Day)show details +$55.00 (USD)  

* price does not include taxes or service fees

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Ticket Notes:

  • All Tickets are “Will Call” and will be held at the gate for your arrival.  Only a Photo ID is required to check-in.
  • Children 12 and under are FREE.
  • Multi-Day Teen Tickets (ages 13-17 at the time of the event) pay half the adult rate.
  • Tickets will be available on-line until Wednesday, August 21st.
  • All pets, of any size, require a Festival Friend ticket.  Limit 2 per camping unit.  Camping Pets ONLY.  No Day Pets permitted. Please read the Pet Policy carefully before purchase.
  • There are no refunds. 

Camping Notes:

  • Camping “In The Rough” is FREE with all multi-day tickets from Thursday, August 29, through Monday, September 2.
  • Electric Sites are available and must be reserved ahead of time.  Electric sites require booking for a minimum of Sunday, August 25th through Monday, September 2nd, and will be purchased in a package inclusive of both your early bird camping and your electric.
  • Early-Bird Camping is $25 per night, per camping unit (Tent or RV), from Saturday, August 24th through Wednesday, August 28th.
  • A limited number of Picnic Tables and Fire Rings are available throughout the park, but are not guaranteed.

Purchase Notes:

  • Tickets can be purchased online and paid either via Check or PayPal/Credit Card (select “PayPal” at checkout and checkout as Guest, no Pay Pal account is needed to use your credit card).  Purchases made by check or manually will have confirmation sent when the payment is processed.
  • Tickets will remain open until the week before the festival begins.
  • Teen tickets require the purchase of an Adult ticket of equal or greater duration.
  • ALL Tickets are non-refundable.
  • Off-Line Tickets are available for those who prefer.  Please mail in the the ticket form with a check.  No discounts will apply.  2019 OFF-LINE Ticket form