Pet Policy

We love our furry family members! For the comfort of your pet and the people around you, please be sure to read our policies carefully before attending.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ONLY Over-Night Pets are allowed. NO PETS will be allowed in the day parking area and are NEVER allowed to be left in a vehicle.

  1. Most importantly, make sure your dog is friendly. Dogs and crowds do not always mix. If you have any reason to believe that your pet may be aggressive or difficult to control, please do not bring them. If your animal shows any potential for hostility toward people or other animals, you will be asked to remove the animal from the park. If your dog becomes loud or bothersome to festival patrons we will have to will ask both you and your pup to leave the event.
  2. Please respect the areas where dogs are not allowed: We allow dogs in the campground area but not near the festival site, seating area, stage area, vendor area, playground, Main Lodge, or beachfront. They can be walked around the perimeter of the campground, but should NEVER be in the festival or public areas.
  3. Keep your dog on leash at ALL times.
  4. Clean up after your dog: This is an absolutely essential rule for the well-being of all.
  5. Update your dog’s ID tag, licensing, and shots: Proper and updated identification, license, and health records are essential for safety and peace of mind. Make sure your dog’s tag has your cell phone number on it so we can easily help find you should you be separated from your pet.
  6. Keep an eye on your pet at all times: Watch your pet carefully when lots of people are around. Some pets may not be as social in those situations as you would expect.
  7. Keep your dog’s “wristband” visible at all times, on collar or leash.
  8. Limit 2 PETS per camping unit.

Owners must take responsibility for the actions of their pets. Thomas Point Beach Management has the authority to remove any pet and their person from the property, if necessary.