Below you will find just a few of our Frequently Asked questions.  If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to email us at bluegrass@thomaspointbeach.com

The schedule will be posted by the beginning of August.  It can be found on the Festival Schedule Page.

Please note that the Line-Up and Schedule are subject to change.

Tickets may be purchased in advance by credit card or PayPal on our Tickets Page. Once you have purchased your ticket you will receive an email with tickets that will need to be printed and carried with you to the gate.  If you do not see this email, please check your spam or junk files in your email folders as sometimes they do get filtered that way.  If you still have problems, please email us at bluegrass@thomaspointbeach.com for assistance.

At the gate cash is the preferred form of payment for efficiency.

By design, all multi-day tickets end on Sunday, and count up from Sunday back. That is to say:

  • 2-Day = Saturday + Sunday
  • 3-Day = Friday + Saturday + Sunday
  • 4-Day = Thursday + Friday + Saturday + Sunday

All multi-day tickets include camping through check-out on Monday (even if you choose to leave earlier).

We do not offer Multi-Day tickets in any other combination (2 or 3-Days that do not end on Sunday or multiple non-consecutive days).

We do offer Single-Day tickets, which can be purchased for any day, sort of an a-la carte.

During our Annual Bluegrass Festival, we do not have any “sites” per se.  As we are a Campground, you will often hear people speak of site numbers as a way of giving people landmarks inside of the park, but these site numbers do not necessarily translate to our Festival, as the entirety of the park is used for camping during this event.

Standard Overnight Rough Camping (included with Multi-Day Passes) is on a first-come first-served basis, and we do not reserve any locations for these spaces and they are plentiful, but we recommend buying your tickets in advance.  Please follow our website and social media for updates before traveling.

However, Electric Passes (in Designated Electric Zones) do reserve an outlet and appropriate “space” in an Electric Zone.  There are no “sites” in these Electric Zones, and specific placement of your Camping Unit will be on a first-come first-served basis, but this is as close to “Reserved” as we can offer for the festival.

For more information on camping see additional camping questions.

Current Ticket prices can be found at https://www.thomaspointbeachbluegrass.com/tickets/

Single Day and 2 Day tickets will be released at a later date.

Although we do not offer Senior Citizen Discounts, advanced ticket purchases are available and will save you money. Click here for ticket sales.

Children 12 years old and younger are free with a paying adult and teens 13-17 pay half the adult rate for admission.

Early Bird camping can be purchased at the same time as purchasing your tickets on-line. Electricity is open to renewals only until March 1st.  On March 5 any open electric spots will become available.

If not purchasing Electricity, Early Bird Camping is standard first-come first-serve camping on the grounds.

If purchasing Electricity, you are required to purchase an Electric and Camping Combo as well.  Electric Camping is by designated Zone, you will be reserved an outlet in an Electric Zone, but not a specific “site number” or “spot.”  Electric Camping is first-come first-served inside of the requested Zone, and a member of our staff will help you find a suitable location in your requested Zone.

Limited sites with Electric are available for an additional fee per night for the length of stay. Due to popularity, electrical sites require an 8 night stay to reserve.  We ask that all campers with reserved sites be physically checked in no later than the Monday prior to the festival.  Occasionally there will be a few sites available without a reservation, you can ask at the gate, but we do highly recommend reserving in advance.

These  Electric Passes do reserve an outlet and appropriate “space” in an Electric Zone.  There are no “sites” in these Electric Zones, and specific placement of your Camping Unit will be on a first-come first-served basis, but this is as close to “Reserved” as we can offer for the festival.

Some Electric Zones are better suited for different Camping Units.  Once you purchase an Electric Pass, you will be contacted by a member of our staff to confirm that the requested Zone is suitable for your Camping Unit. Please note that this is for electricity ONLY.  Water hook-up are NOT available. There are fill stations and a dump station for your convenience.

For prices, dates, and availability, please refer to our Tickets Page.

All outdoor 20 AMP outlets at the campground are GFCI-protected for your safety.

Please note that this is a Campground decision, and not a rule for all campgrounds.  As such, it may be that you have never connected your camper to a GFCI-protected outlet, or may not know how this may be something worth paying attention to.

What does this mean?

Some campers, not all, while completely safe and fine, will trip GFCI breakers.  Without getting too technical, this may either be what is called a “bonded neutral” where the Ground and Neutral wires are bonded together in the sub-panel of your camper, or a side-effect of how your campers particular charging system is configured.  If your camper does trip GFCI-protected outlets (and this may either be immediate, or just when the charging system or AC-unit turns on) be aware that it is not (necessarily) an indicator of a problem with either your Camper, or our electrical system.  It is also not a common sign of “overloading” the circuit (although, in the event that it is dependent on current-load it may indeed be an indicator of a poor ground in your Camper or shore power cables).

If you are experiencing electrical oddities, we would be happy to audit our portion of the circuit, however we just want to be sure that you are not caught off-guard if the GFCI-protection of your outlet is giving you or your neighbor an issue.

What is the solution?

The Campground runs into this from time to time (again, it is not an issue with “all” campers), however has chosen to continue the use of GFCI-protected outlets in wet locations as a best-practice.

The Campground has found over the years that the quickest and simplest solution is what is called a “Ground Lifter,” these can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, or Amazon for fairly little money, and are a good thing to have on-hand with your camper in the event that you run in to this issue in the future.  While neither the Festival or the Campground can take any responsibility for your actions or your camper, in the Campground’s experience, and to the best of our knowledge, this is the accepted solution and poses no additional risk to your camper.

Ground-lifting adapters solve this problem by essentially bypassing the “Ground-Fault Protection” of a GFCI outlet.  While this may lead some to question why the Campground uses a more expensive GFCI-protected outlet while also suggesting you bypass the protection in the event that you have an issue.  The Campground does this because it feels it is best to have the protection as a default, and only bypass it if your camper is incompatible, rather than not have the protection at all.  For this reason, we also encourage you to please refrain from using a ground-lifter unless you otherwise experience issues with your GFCI tripping immediately.

Further, we only suggest a ground-lifting adapter as the common solution that we are aware of for solving this issue.  If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to seek the feedback of a certified electrician.

We love check-in because it is our chance to welcome you home! Most of our gate staff have been with Thomas Point Beach for many, many years and they work quickly and efficiently.  At the gate you will present  pre-purchased tickets you will have printed prior to arrival or a form of payment.  The gate team will put your wristbands on, and if you are a multi- day ticket holder you will receive a program, a sticker for your vehicle, and a trashbag to keep  our beautiful park looking wonderful!  We ask for your patience in the process and do suggest pre-purchasing your tickets for the savings as well as the efficiency.  Cash at the gate also makes the process go more quickly.

Free rough camping is included with a multi-day ticket for the nights of the event. “Rough” camping simply means festival style field or grove camping with no additional amenities such as power or water. This can be for RVS, pop-ups, trailers, tents, vans, teepees, or even hammocks!  There are no “sites” designated the week of the festival. Folks camp side by side throughout the entire 84 acre park and camping is first come, first serve.  As we are a year round campground, you will often hear people speak of site numbers as a way of giving people landmarks inside of the park, but these site numbers do not translate to our Festival, as the entirety of the park is used for camping during this event. Camping is plentiful.  To date, we have never turned campers away, but we still highly recommend advanced tickets because that day could come..

Camping areas are designated as “Picker’s Paradise-24 Hour Field Picking”, “Moderate Sound Levels- quiet from 2 am- 6 am”, and “Quiet Camping- Sound curfew from 10 pm”  A map is available to assist you and we have staff that can direct you. Early Bird camping is available for those arriving prior to the start of the festival.  For pricing and available check-in dates, please see our Tickets page.

Limited spaces with light electric (20 amp service) are available for an additional Fee per night for the length of stay. For more information about Electric Sites, see the electric FAQ, above.

  • Water hook-ups are NOT available at any sites. There are water fill stations available.
  • Thomas Point Beach has a limited supply of picnic tables and fire rings available for use on a first, come first serve basis. These are not guaranteed and you may want to bring your own.
  • Hot Water Inside Showers are available.
  • A cold water outdoor rinse off shower is available on each of the other bathhouses.
  •  There is a laundry mat just up the road from the campground.
  • An Outdoor sink is available outside of each of the three bathhouses for your convenience.
  • A Dump Station is available. The cost to use the Dump Station upon arrival is $30. There is no charge for use of the dump station when you leave the park.
  • Three Restroom buildings are available throughout the park with flush toilets and sinks. Additionally there are Port-A-Potties throughout the park.
  • Pets are allowed with a Pet Friendly ticket at your campsite.  They are not permitted in the seating area, vender areas, playground, or beachfront.
  • Generators are permitted from  8 AM- 10 PM ONLY.  Please be considerate of neighbors.
  • We have a charging station in the Main Lodge for small electronics.

Yes, there is a limited handicap accessible parking area available. A golf cart shuttle from our day parking area is also offered, however patience is asked for as you wait for the shuttle to make trips to and from the stage area.  There are accessible bathrooms available in the Main Grove Shower Building and an accessible Port-A-Potty near the stage area.

We love dogs, and allow over-night dogs ONLY at the festival. There is a registration fee and they must wear their wrist band on their collar at all times. Dogs are only allowed at your campsite and can be walked on the access road.

Dogs are NOT allowed in the public areas, including the stage and seating areas, vendor areas, beachfront, and playground.  Please clean up after your dog at all times. Excessive barking is grounds for removal from the park.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Day ticket holders may NOT bring dogs into the park and we will not allow dogs being left in vehicles in the Day Ticket Lot.

For the safety and comfort of our guests and your furry friends, dogs are NEVER allowed in the seating area.  Please read the complete PET POLICY HERE

There are two seating areas. One is open air and closest to the stage. The other is a large tented area behind the main seating.  Guests should bring their own lawn chairs. We ask that NO HIGHBACK chairs or RECLINING/ Foot  chairs be used.  Chairs that block the views of other guests will be removed or moved to the back of the seating area.

In bluegrass festival tradition, we do encourage you to allow others to use your chairs when you are not sitting in them. They will kindly move when you return to your seat.

Chair set-up begins on Wednesday once the sound tent and equipment is loaded and all deliveries for the Main Lodge have arrived (this varies from year to year). Chair set-up will begin no earlier than 5pm. We will make an announcement in the park when this begins and we will also post on our Facebook page. We need to keep the front of the lodge clear for deliveries.

A variety of food and merchandise vendors will be open from Thursday- Sunday during the hours of the show. A list of vendors will be added as we get closer to the event.  If you are interested in vending, an application is available HERE

Additionally, our own Loose Caboose is open throughout the night offering hot dogs, coffee, and a variety of snacks.

Grocery items are not available on-site, but convenience and full service grocery stores are located only minutes from the gate.

Please send any booking inquiries to bluegrass@thomaspointbeach.com.  All slots are full for this year’s event, however, we are accepting applications for the annual Showcase Competition that takes place Thursday of the festival.  The Showcase Competition is a wonderful opportunity to introduce your band to the Thomas Point Beach fan base, just check out our Showcase Page for details. **Applications are no longer being accepted as the Showcase Competition bands have already been finalized for the 2022 festival.

Certainly!   Single day tickets are available in advance and at the gate! Parking is FREE in our Day Ticket Holder lot.  NO Pets are allowed for Day Ticket Holders.  Coolers are allowed.

All tickets are non-refundable.

Line-Up and Schedule are subject to change.

From 10 am – 9 pm visit the Information Tent and from 9pm – 3 am visit the Loose Caboose.  Please contact security during off hours.

There is a CHARGING STATION available in the Main Lodge “Living Room” available daily Thursday- Sunday.

Yes, all tickets can be upgraded at the gate for the difference in ticket cost.

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own cooler, food, and beverages.  We also have wonderful vendors and encourage you to enjoy the food they provide as well!