We are thankful for YOU!

As 2020 draws to a close, we want to remind each and every one of your you, our Bluegrass Family, that you mean the WORLD to us.  It’s for that reason that we hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, and have a safe and healthy winter this, and every, year.

2021 on the Horizon!

We are not ready to formally announce the 2021 Festival and Line-Up quite at this time, but rest assured, we have begun preparations and planning for a FANTASTIC 2021 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival.  If you want to be the first to hear the news, and be on the front-line of updates, be sure to Follow Us on Facebook, and Subscribe to Our Newsletter.

2020 Refunds FINALLY Completed!

It was an arduous process, for reasons, but we are relived to report that all 2020 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival refunds have been processed at this time.  If you haven’t received yours, you should be expecting it in the mail in the next day or so.

We apologize for the extreme delay some of you may have experienced.  I, personally, didn’t realize just how unprepared I was to handle that process.  Rest assured that we have made some changes on our end to be sure that does not occur again in the unfortunate (and hopefully, unlikely) event that we have to process refunds like that again.

“Donate a Picnic Table” Price Change

Unfortunately, due to the consistently high prices of lumber at this time, we had to raise the price of our “Donate a Picnic Table.”  We will continue to honor donations submitted prior to this price change, and we will have an example of the dedication plaque coming very soon.