The Jenny Brook Discount!

If all goes to plan, right around the time you are reading this, Mike and Shari are making the trek (literally) across New England (literally, like, straight across it), to stop in at the 2018 Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival, and man are we EXITED!

SO EXCITED, in fact, that we want to give everyone a big ‘ole discount on tickets to OUR fest, on Labor Day weekend!

What kind of discount?” You ask?  A whopping 7% OFF!!!

Wait wait wait,” you might be thinking, “that’s a really weird discount.”  Well, it’s a good number, some might even say lucky, and I didn’t even tell you the kicker of the deal, yet…

That’s 7% of EVERYTHING! Early Bird, Electric, Pets, Kids, Husbands (kids), everything.  7% off the lot of it, because why not?

Just enter the Promo Code: JennyBrook2018 at checkout, and you are GOOD TO GO!  Offer valid through June 25th at 12am only.

Ok, I have to focus on driving now…