The Hazel Project 2

The Hazel Project

Saturday, August 31, 2024

The Hazel Project to pay tribute to the music written or recorded by these bluegrass pioneers and legendary musicians. Hazel and Alice tackled subjects from social injustice to the hardships of workers, as well as love and loss. With Betsy Heron (fiddle), Gretchen Bowder (banjo), Whitney Roy (guitar), and Lindsay Lassonde (bass), The Hazel Project features sweet soaring harmonies and tasteful tunes – traditional grassroots music to fill your heart and soul.

More about Hazel and Alice-
two legendary musicians who changed the demographics of Bluegrass music forever when they took the stage at the head of a full band in 1962. Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard met at jam sessions and music parks. Hazel’s haunting soprano and Alice’s warm alto came together to create memorable music that inspired many other female artists. After four albums and a decade together, they pursued separate careers continuing to perform, record, advocate for important causes, and serving as influential mentors to many musicians over the years. Hazel & Alice were inducted into the IBMA Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 2017.