The Eugene Tyler Band

Eugene Tyler Band

THURSDAY & FRIDAY, September 1 & 2, 2022

WINNER 2021 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival Showcase Band Competition

Eugene Tyler Band are just three mama’s boys with anxiety problems trying to find catharsis in high-energy, irreverent songs. Eugene Gardner (vocals/guitar/mandolin), Daniel Tyler (guitar/banjo), and Marc Jaffee (upright bass/vocals) all grew up within a couple of miles of each other in downstate New York, and since 2015 they’ve been on the road, performing at landmark clubs like Sony Hall and the Knitting Factory and bluegrass festivals like Ossippee Valley and Thomas Point Beach, building a dedicated fanbase stretching from Colorado to Maine.

Their album, Thanks Cats, was released in 2021. It’s the band’s third full-length and first live release, recorded at some of their very last shows of 2020. “It’s the most honest record we’ve ever made,” says singer/songwriter Eugene Gardner. “Most of our time is spent on the road, drinking in the sun and making music with friends, some new and some we’ve known forever. We’ve made a lot of memories at those shows and hopefully these songs make people feel like they’re right there with us.”