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The Steeldrivers

Saturday, August 31

Only Nashville could give birth to a band like the SteelDrivers: a group of seasoned veterans – each distinguished in his or her own right, each valued in the town’s commercial community – who are seizing an opportunity to follow their hearts to their souls’ reward. In doing so, they are braiding their bluegrass roots with new threads of their own design, bringing together country, soul, and other contemporary influences to create an unapologetic hybrid that is old as the hills but fresh as the morning dew.

The SteelDrivers were the hottest bluegrass act in America when lead vocalist Chris Stapleton abruptly quit. The critics and fans wrote the obituary; who could come back from such a loss?

The SteelDrivers, that’s who, and not only did they recover – they went on to do something they never did with Stapleton. They won a Grammy!

But then their second lead vocalist quit.

The SteelDrivers kept going and found a new voice in of all people, a 24-year-old roofer from Berea, Kentucky.

Check out the story that goes beyond music, a story of hanging on through tough times and coming out on the other side as strong as ever!

This is the SteelDrivers 3rd time at Thomas Point beach and they never disappoint! Hold on to your hats when the SteelDrivers take the stage!

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