Showcase Band Competition 10

On the Trail

Thursday & Friday, August 31 & September 1, 2023

Winners of the 2022 Thomas Point Beach Showcase Competition!

On The Trail is a modern acoustic band from Connecticut that explores everything from bluegrass to contemporary pop, from stunning instrumentals to beautiful traditional songs. The group was founded through their love of bluegrass and is influenced by the band the Punch Brothers. They have already gained recognition and praise for their exploration and strong execution of the challenging music, as well as for their new original music. On The Trail features Austin Scelzo (fiddle/vocals), Tom Polizzi (mandolin/vocals), Charlie Widmer (guitar/vocals) and Niles Spaulding (upright bass). Most recently, On the Trail had the honor of winning the 2022 Thomas Point Beach Band Competition after participating in 2021’s Telefunken Battle of the Bands at the Podunk Bluegrass Festival. On The Trail features Austin Scelzo (fiddle and vocals), Tom Polizzi (mandolin and vocals), Charlie Widmer (guitar and vocals) and Matt Curley (upright bass and vocals). Their debut self-titled EP “On the Trail” is also available for streaming on all platforms.